• Annual general meeting

Annual Review and Update Meeting 2021

Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF) hosted its first event, the Annual Review and Update Meeting 2021 on April 10th 2021. The event took place at Maxim's banquet, Kupandole height, Kathmandu. As the first gathering since NICRF’s inception, this event united healthcare professionals from critical care and researchers within the registry network. The session featured the President and Vice President, providing a comprehensive view of NICRF's objectives and multifaceted approach towards advancing clinical research. The meeting also welcomed international collaborators Dr. Abi Beane and Dr. Rashan Haniffa, enriching discussions and offering a global perspective. Insightful presentations on ongoing projects, including ICU Registry and REMAP-CAP clinical trials, were shared by Project Managers from NICRF. The meeting encapsulated a spirit of collaboration, as the team members highlighted quality improvement projects, while the President and Vice President outlined visionary future endeavors. The session culminated with closing remarks, underscoring the importance of collective efforts in driving healthcare innovation in Nepal.

Annual Review Meeting 2022

Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF) convened its Annual Review Meeting on July 9th, 2022, in Park Village, Budanilkantha, Kathmandu, symbolizing a significant leap forward in Nepal's healthcare research landscape. This event stood as a beacon of collaborative innovation, gathering esteemed professionals, both local and international, committed to advancing healthcare.The Opening Ceremony commenced with a warm welcome setting the stage for an enlightening series of discussions.The president unveiled the essence of NICRF in an illuminating introduction, followed by the vice president presenting a comprehensive progress report, showcasing the foundation's strides in advancing clinical research.The program continued with esteemed speakers sharing invaluable insights. The sessions included site leads discussing the MEGAROX clinical trial, REMAP-CAP clinical trial, Reseacrh Coordinator shedding light on the HFNC Project and Mental Health Research. President in a detailed presentation, highlighted the foundation's Quality Improvement Project, emphasizing the commitment to elevating healthcare standards. Additionally, the meeting provided a platform to welcome respected individuals from outside the registry network working in critical care, fostering a diverse exchange of insights. A vital aspect of the meeting was the firsthand experiences shared by site leads and research nurses from different sites. Their narratives provided valuable perspectives on ground-level implementation and challenges faced in various projects. International collaborators engaged the audience in an insightful discussion about CCAA, bringing a global perspective to the meeting. Following a stimulating group discussion, the meeting concluded with closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors for their unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare research.

Workshop on Quality Improvement, July 2022

Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF) conducted a comprehensive workshop on Quality Improvement (QI) for ICU nurses on July 10th, 2022. This workshop aimed to enhance research capacity and implementation of QI projects in various ICUs connected to NICRF's network.The one-day workshop, held at Grande International Hospital, was a collaborative effort involving approximately 20-25 ICU nurses from diverse ICUs associated with NICRF. The workshop featured national and international experts in QI project implementation and methodology, who moderated the sessions. Their contributions enriched the discussions and provided invaluable insights to the participants. Participants engaged in focused group discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, delving into strategies to implement and improve quality in ICU settings. The workshop emphasized the importance of QI projects in enhancing patient care and outcomes within intensive care units.

Research Methodology Workshop, September 2023

Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF), in collaboration with the Nepal Society of Critical Care Medicine, Critical Care Nurses Association of Nepal, Birat Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd, and Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, conducted a 'Research Methodology Workshop' in Biratnagar on 6-7 December 2023 for the participants registered for the 5th National Conference of Nepalese Society of Critical Care Medicine and 1st Eastern Critical Care Conclave. The workshop was attended by 41 participants including doctors, faculty members, residents and nurses from a variety of disciplines. The aim of the workshop was to give participants practical experience of designing a research study. Participants were divided into 7 small groups (6-7 participants each) and given a topic or research question. Over the two days, they were guided to produce a two-page research proposal for their research question. These 7 proposals could be further developed into full protocols with guidance from NICRF after the conference. The workshop sessions also included very short plenaries to introduce main concepts and mainly small group discussions where facilitators used guiding questions to get the groups to work through research design problems.

Training Workshop on Health Research Methodology, August 2023

The Training Workshop on Health Research Methodology was conducted by the Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF) at Bansbari, Kathmandu, in collaboration with the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) at Ramshah path, Kathmandu. The workshop took place on the 1st and 2nd of September 2023 at Hotel Square, situated in Pulchowk Square, Lalitpur. The primary objectives of this training were to augment the participants' knowledge and proficiency in health research methodology, health research proposal writing, and scientific writing. Furthermore, the workshop aimed to familiarize the attendees with the intricacies of the health research process and the ethical considerations inherent in health research.

Workshop on COVID-19 Research Project in Nepal, June 2023

The Nepal Intensive Care Research Foundation (NICRF) organized a workshop on the COVID-19 Research Project on June 10, 2023, that took place at MAXIM'S Banquet in Kupondole, Lalitpur, Nepal and was attended by 40 healthcare workers from various hospitals working in intensive care units (ICUs). The workshop was centered around a research project titled "From outpatient to critical care: An exploration and documentation of clinical care pathway and clinical leadership approach for the care of COVID-19 patients in a low-resource setting." The main objectives of the workshop were to investigate the role of critical care providers in the clinical care pathway (outpatient to ICU) to improve health outcomes of non-severe COVID-19 patients; to explore health systems challenges of patient referral mechanism through a participatory discussion and suggest possible interventions for improvement, and to document best practices of physician and management leadership for the care of COVID-19 patients in low-resource settings.